Nails decorated napkins: A new technique that you should try!

Due to the short time you have, among other things, women work, study, cook, and so on-are always looking for fast and convenient formals stay beautiful, and nails are no exception.

Nail art with new techniques … including napkins!

Your nails are blank canvases to unleash your creativity, so we’re always looking for ways to decorate your nails with easy and cute designs .

So, this time I bring you a technique that will allow you to decorate your nails using napkins! The process is based on a technique also decoration but of furniture: The decoupage.

What is decoupage?

The decoupage is a decorative technique in which printed sheets adhere to furniture of different materials such as wood, cardboard, etc. This time we will use the decoupage to adhere napkins cute designs to your nails.

How decorum my nails with napkins?

The technique is very simple. The first thing to do is choose the napkin design you want on your nails. Remember, paper napkins should be, so the design can only adhere to your nails. The thicker also work.

Once you have chosen the design, cut pieces the size of your nails. Quiet, size should not be exact, then you can adjust to the perfect fit. Here you have two options: you can cut squares of napkin to cover your entire nail, or cut only a flower or a portion of the napkin to stick on your nail as detail.

It’s super easy!

The way to adhere to your nail design is simple. You just have to help with the nail polish. This video shows you the entire process.

How do I choose the napkin indicated?

You can not make trouble with this, now find a variety of napkins with super interesting designs.’s Christmas, the colors, the children, marriage, etc..’s All a matter of choosing the right one for your style. Here I leave a few suggestions that you can use for different occasions and styles.

The floral style is perfect for spring. Other is a feminine style and goes with everything. The best thing is that in this area have a wide variety of printed napkins.

Now that the floral trend is so strong, wear it on your nails!

Another interesting style that you should try is the vintage . This classic elegance and tenderness can also take in the fingernails. Find napkins with dark colors, prints loaded, butterflies or birds.

Besides these, other designs found very friendly napkins. Definitely a good place to look for interesting designs are party supply stores. Looking crazy designs in the children’s section!

Once again, we’ve gone around the established and we have found a way to put our beautiful nails. Do you dare?

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