Important tips if you have been chosen as a maid of honor

You just received a call from your friend to tell you that you have been chosen as a bridesmaid . It’s great news, but for a few seconds you’ll have thought, my God !! And then the nerves and the questions begin because you do not know very well what it means to be a bridesmaid.

If you have been chosen as a maid of honor you must know that your role is very important for the bride. It is the most important day of your life and you will be there to help in everything you need.It is a custom rooted in other countries in which brides carry a large number of bridesmaids, all wearing the same dress or the same color.

In Spain, little by little is imposed and more and more are the brides who choose their maid of honor (or ladies) and are dressed as such, representing their role perfectly.

Tips to keep in mind if you are a maid of honor:

If you are a maid of honor, the first thing you must know is whether you will be more bridesmaids or on the contrary, it is only you who will accompany the bride.

This is a very important detail to know how to behave, since in case you are several bridesmaids you must make clear what the role of each , to avoid possible unpleasant scenes on the day of the wedding.

Some of the tips you should keep in mind are:

To be a perfect bridesmaid, think that you are not the protagonist . That role is that of the bride.
You must be the total support for the bride and the perfect help for all the doubts that arise during the preparation of the wedding, as can be in the election of the dress
You must be willing to perform the tasks that you ask whenever possible
Be kind when she is on her nerves and brings the peace you need
On the wedding day you must be more aware of it than ever before so that everything goes well:
Take the bouquet during the celebration
Helps get out of the car on arrival
Properly position the tail at all times

In addition, keep in mind that your role will mainly be to reassure the bride and watch for her. It is a very special day for her and you should find the support you will not find in the closest people, such as your mother.

If you are also the only maid of honor, you must become your best friend and confidant, before and during the celebration, so do not think that your role is only for the wedding day.

Congratulations if you have been chosen as a maid of honor. It is a beautiful choice and a very nice role inside the wedding celebration. Remember these little tips that we have given you and you will be an exceptional bridesmaid.

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  1. Very useful tips, bridesmaid is also an important role in the weddings, as the bride best friends , they are really as a great honor to be.
    I love the printed bridesmaid dresses very much in the third picture, they are really lovely dresses.

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