Ideas for September to my boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you have someone special in your life, time to celebrate. Sometimes we forget some of that touch of romance and magic that should be in all relationships from falling into monotony. No need to spend an incredible amount of money or go to the best restaurant in town to make this day very special.

If you think takes some good options, giving you some help. Remember that your choice will depend on your style and your partner. Here we go …

1. A calendar with photos of both

By now you have nice pictures of both (the New Year, the trip, the birthday of her best friend, yours, etc..) And look pretty in the facebook, but maybe you would like to save the most special and accompanying throughout this year.

Taking advantage we’re still in February, make a selection of 12 best print and send them as a sort of almanac. I’m sure you’ll love.

2. A super romantic recipe

If your boyfriend likes postrecitos, the surprise will be ideal. The cupcakes with inspiration in Valentine’s Day you will draw a breath to anyone. Evidence left at your breakfast table or your desk with a note saying how much you want it.

Here I leave a recipe , but if the kitchen is not your thing, I’m sure it will not be hard to find for sale.

3. Some eccentricity

If your budget is not on your side at this time, opt for small gifts (chocolates, a nice pen, the agenda that was in need, etc..) But to make it look funny, put them in last place you expect to find something, for example , in the closet, in the shower, in the case of his shoes in the glove compartment. I assure you that will make you smile!

4. A handmade card

Ok … maybe not yours but pastry making an effort, with some cardboard, crepe paper, colors and sick baby do not be so difficult to prepare a card for yourself. You can take this opportunity to say all those things that you like it.

The truth is that women tend to be a little demanding and they feel they do not notice when they endeavor. Well, now is the opportunity to show we do not notice.

5. For traffic!

If you are someone who likes to do everything with passion and make a difference, you’ll love this idea. But you need the help of a couple of friends who like the madness as much as you. Each one will have to hold a sign and cross with your boyfriend when you are way to work.

What you say in each of the signs up to you. It can be as simple as a TE-Quie-RO or TEN-A-CUTE-DAY.

6. Valentine Coupons

This idea seems great! Make a sort of coupon to be valid in about a month or two and that he uses at will. A coupon can say, giving up a fight, I want to see the movie on film, a romantic evening, a phone call passionate … includes something you know that you really like!

7. The first appointment

I think first dates are always something special. Both are wondering what exactly the other is thinking and is present that gleam in the eyes of an illusion that has just begun. Do not you love to live a little of everything that again?

Organize a meeting like that, at the same restaurant, walk the same streets and cuéntense what they felt on that occasion.

You see, with a little imagination, you make this day is unforgettable … H

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