Wedding shoes are not typically at the top of a bride’s shopping list. This is mainly because they are among the least noticed wedding accessories during the wedding, but they really can be one of the most important parts of your bridal attire. From a comfort standpoint they’re certainly an important detail that should not be overlooked.

Wedding shoes are almost as important as your wedding dress. They are also a very good example of a product that is increasing in terms of internet sales.

A couple of things to consider when picking out wedding shoes are heel height and of course comfort.

Generally wedding shoes are seen as such a minor part of the entire wedding event that brides should feel no pressure at all when it comes to their shoes. However, wedding shoes are still incredibly important because they’ll add height if you want heels and they must be comfortable enough to spend several hours in.

As a bride if you feel you’ve got enough to agonize about without trying to find shoes that match your dress exactly, clear wedding shoes may be an excellent solution for you. Many clear wedding shoes are decorated with dainty rhinestone detailing, with nearly invisible vinyl bands across the top of your foot for structure and support. Clear wedding shoes are made out of vinyl and transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin.

Some choose to have their wedding shoes properly dyed to match your dress, making them a beautiful accessory on your very special day.

If your wedding shoes are higher-heeled than those you are used to, you may want more structured practice sessions. Another trick to keep in mind is to break in your wedding shoes to be sure that on the big day your wedding shoes aren’t killing your feet.

No matter how great your wedding shoes are, you’ll curse them on your wedding day if they make you miserable.