How to choose the most appropriate wedding dress

Do you want to take the big step of your life and do not know which dress goes better with your body? read this note because here we will give some guidelines for you to choose and the perfect model for you.


What a moment so important and so magical is married, right? And for the big day everything has to be perfect, especially us, because we will be the focus of the ceremony.

This reminds me that even if I do not want to minimize the boyfriend , actually this, there is always overshadowed by what it looks radiant and beautiful bride in her white dress, usually glamorous, even if the chosen model is the simplest. He with his unobtrusive dress, is virtually forgotten by the looks toward the bride.

Therefore, we have to look perfect dress is essential. And by that I mean not only is our size, but we have left, according to the shape of our body.

Not every model we will strapless dress or one with lace covering up the neck. Or will we all dress princess cut, nor a super low cut and tight to the body. We need to know to choose a dress that highlights the best we have.

Therefore, this note is dedicated to helping you choose the perfect dress, your wedding dress, the perfect look that will make your special day. So be sure to read us, here we will present some of the many models, and you go saying which of them can be yours.

Body types and clothing

Aesthetic specialists have met four body types, body models, according to the form and outstanding attributes. Each of us fits more or less in one of those guys, and accordingly we guide you to choose the dress pattern that makes us look better.

Know what these four body types:

  • Hourglass

This is the kind of body that many believe resembles the known ideal as ” 90-60-90 “. This means that the body has prominent shoulders and hips, while the waist is narrow.

Princess cut dress

In this case, all models will set you dress beautifully. Whether the princess cut, which are those of skirt and glamorous, as you can see in the picture above, but they’ll also those who follow that are straight cut:

We also are the carved, using the neck, those with braces or not, the cut rule (with the collected just below the bust). This shaped body is largely ideal

  • Inverted triangle

This body type is unique in presenting the torso, back or bust prominent, while the hips are very narrow. Things to do in these cases is not to overload this area more prominent and rather make eyes were diverted to the bottom.

Gowns cut in A, princess cut, with layers, draping, pleated or some device in the area of ​​the skirt will be great. Use V-necklines No strapless, or the type boat (strapless reaching to the shoulders), but the straps or turtleneck.

Dress in layers

The dress in layers of the photo above is another of the models suitable for a body like this. The idea is, as I said earlier lines, aesthetically balance form.

  • Triangle

In contrast to the inverted triangle, the court emphasizes the prominence in the hips and legs but the lack of compensation at the top. So if this is your body type is exactly offset the top and cover of abajo.Yo recommend for this type of body the cut rule, which carries the waist up wearing more looks up too.

Empire cut dress

A boat or type strapless heart shape or a sectional A, like this photo, which make bare shoulders counterweight to the bottom, are ideal.

Dressed in cut A

For the area above you can use the lace, the draping, to an enhancement. There are dresses with lace (like the one pictured below) that reach even to the arms. For the area of ​​the skirt I recommend a straight cut or A.

  • Square

A square body does not stand out or the top or bottom. The bust, waist and hips equal measure.Things to do in this case is to highlight the top and bottom to give more narrow at the waist and create a slimmer silhouette.

Mermaid cut dress

Wedding dresses can resort to court rule, which leads further up the notch so that it does not squash the waist, fatty areas running up or down. The mermaid cut also comes to define the waist.In addition, the visual effect of lengthening legs occurs, it is flattering. A mermaid cut also helps to achieve the desired notch.

  • Oval

This body type is not angled, so the task is to influence the silhouette, creating more visual waist line and separating the upper and lower zones.

Use straight-cut dresses that do not snug nor too loose. wears dresses that are not charging too much, such as pleated layers or you will be fuller.

Types of wedding dresses

We have reviewed the main ways the body, inserting the models most popular wedding dress.Let’s see what these again:

  • Rectum: the skirt falls straight down. Generally no layers or drapes.
  • Princess: As the name implies, are glamorous, area of the skirt is very wide and may have details such as layers or embellishments.
  • Empire, has collected just below the bust giving a feminine look interesting.
  • Siren: notch the figure to the thigh area (half), when the court opens in the form of A.
  • Cutting A: the skirt is opened in the form of the letter of the alphabet.
  • Fitted: a dress that follows the model of your figure.

Each of these models may be variations in the superior court, for example strapless model boat, heart cutting (turning out the highest form of the bust, or rectum, with straps, shoulder pads, with bolero, etc..

The models also have variants in terms of finishes, for example, pleated, draped, gathered, layered with laces, etc.. Depend not only on your body type but your style and tastes, determine your ideal dress. I leave you with an interesting video that expands what we have seen in this note.

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