How to Choose a Wedding Gift 2023

It is important to not get overwhelmed when searching for a unique wedding gift for that special couple. With so many novelty companies out there vying for your attention, choosing the perfect wedding gift for the about-to-be newlyweds can seem like an impossible task. Here are some tips to help you choose a wedding gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Check with the bridal registry

Most couples will decide to register with a department store’s registry in order to subtly let people know what they would prefer to receive as wedding gifts, to ease the start of their new lives together. If you are shy about asking the bride or groom directly if they have a registry, ask a family member. While bridal registries are usually deemed as part of the province of the upper crust wedding, these days there are registries at stores such as Target as well as multiple online retailers. These days, many engaged couples take the option to post a wedding gift registry on their wedding web site.

Think about the interests of the bride and groom

It is very important to consider the interests of the bride and groom when shopping for a wedding gift. Ask yourself if they are outdoors, sporty types, or if they are the quiet evening at home type. Either way, whatever information you know about the couple can serve as helpful tools towards finding a wedding gift that they will love and put to good use. The couple who are movie-fiends might truly appreciate a paid membership to a movie service such as Netflix, and that quirky adventurous couple would probably love a GPS to help them during their exciting escapades. These days it is very easy to add that special touch and personalize your gifts to make them that much more unique. You might want to include a personalized wedding afghan with the Netflix membership, for cozying up together on the couch, or perhaps a matching set of personalized “bride” and “groom” t-shirts to go with the camping equipment or GPS.

Choose a gift for their new home

A wedding gift that can be used in the couple’s new home is always appreciated. Personalized gifts that can hang on their walls or be displayed on the coffee table will be greatly appreciated as they show off their newlywed status. If you do decide to choose a gift that will help them decorate their new home, be sure to keep their personal decorating style in mind. A bride with a country cottage kitchen will love a fanciful slate wedding plaque hand painted with hearts, flowers, and wedding doves. Add that warmth by getting their names and wedding date personally engraved onto the plaque. A recently popular gift is a set of tile coasters, personalized or decorated with a special romantic motif, or the couple’s name on it. It is a gift that is sure to be used and loved for a very long time.

Give a gift of memories

After the couples unforgettably gorgeous wedding, the will most likely have more wedding photographs than can easily be displayed in a single photo album or picture frame. Select a special photo album or picture frame that enables the lovebirds to showcase some of their favorite wedding moments. One very popular option for a photo wedding gift is a collage frame that fits five to twelve photographs and displays them in a special mat printed with their wedding details. Other photo gifts, such as photo mugs and cappuccino photo mugs, are gifts that can be used every day and never go out of style. More elegant gifts, such as a stunning black glass picture frame, will sit out on a table or mantelpiece to display their treasured wedding photo.

Give a family heirloom

Some wedding gifts are destined to become family heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation. One exceptional personalized wedding gift is a Family Name Plaque that displays the family coats of arms of both the bride and the groom side by side, along with the history of each of their names. It’s a wonderful way for the newlyweds to display the pride they have in their own families and their delight in joining the two to form a new lineage. Other family heirloom quality wedding gifts you might consider are a carved crystal wedding clock engraved with the wedding details, or maybe a pair of Galway Irish Crystal champagne flutes delicately etched with the names of the bride and groom and their wedding dates.

Choosing a special wedding gift does not have to be difficult if you keep these simple hints in mind. Just remember that no matter what gift you give the happy couple, the gift that they will always treasure the most is your friendship and love.

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