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Be bridesmaid, and / or best man – is a huge responsibility – both emotionally and financially Commitment time bridesmaid takes time, love, patience and a little. money to afford the wedding attire, the journey, accommodation, etc.. So brides, do not forget to ask yourself the following questions before thinking about your bridal party.

Your bridesmaids, can they cope? Consider their current responsibilities. They have many business trips? They work 60 hours a week? Do they have children? They take care of an elderly parent? Before the call to play the role of bridesmaid, you should contact them and have a frank conversation with them. Tell them that you would be absolutely delighted to have on your side on your wedding day but you would understand perfectly that some reasons prevent this. If this is “practical problems”, consider how to help. They offer accommodation on the wedding night, book them a baby sitter for their children during the marriage , are among the things you can do to facilitate their work.

Do you really want to have with you on D-Day? Do not feel “forced” to take someone as a bridesmaid. Of course, this can be a bit difficult to manage, but it’s your wedding, so it’s up to you. Actually, a friend who is dying of you help in organizing your wedding is always a plus! Especially when she knows your likes and respects. So you already have an idea about who you choose as bridesmaids?

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Witnesses wedding and bridesmaids: a key role

Once your selection is made maids of honor, there are several other issues to consider.

Your bridesmaids will they have the same dress? You all want to be on top and at ease on your wedding day? In this case, do not force them to wear all the same dress, but rather give them a color code. At each choose the dress that the sublimate.

Can they afford the dress that you have chosen? Again, personal finance should be taken into consideration. If you choose a dress that is 300 €, I doubt that your friends are excited about the prospect of all this they will probably held only once.

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Do they know their limits? Do they know to stop? No matter the effect that your witnesses and friends are packed on the day of your wedding and even less they benefit from the wedding speech to reveal secrets unrepeatable . Any advice?

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