Girls Tips to look elegant and chic

If you are short, if you possess rounded shapes and you’re not a tall woman, she certainly is very difficult to find the right clothes . It is very likely that requested help from someone to help you choose clothes that Stilicho him, to make him look slim and chic, and highlight the best that favor.

Image According to experts, there are some items that should not be used if you really want to be thin:

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Pants should not be used to look elegant and chic

  • Cargo pants and Capri pants that reach mid-thigh.
  • Pants with front pleats and baggy pants.
  • Pants that are high waist. The ideal pants must fit properly to your waist and also has to fall straight to her ankles.
  • The skinny jeans, skinny jeans and pants too tight are strictly prohibited unless you have a slender legs.
  • Like the leggings. Unless you use them with a shirt on or a long jacket that covers the problem area.

Rather choose pants that are a solid color or dark colors. If you like pants with designs, I recommend you opt for the vertical lines that stylize the legs and make you look taller.

As for the clothes, if you want to look elegant and chic opt for type wrap wrap dresses that end just above the knees. To conceal any small flaw, only have to add a stamp.

Dresses that neither should be used to look chic and elegant

  • The dresses have styles that cut her figure.
  • The waisted dresses that are elastic.
  • Dresses with any type of large print.
  • Siren or type sack dresses.
  • If you have buxom not wear robes, because it will be more voluminous.
  • The midi dresses with overlapping layers.
  • Forget the round and straight necks, because they make your bust and shoulders look bigger.

Believe it or not, cut V neck is favorable for any body type. Instead of using clothing with large prints, go for the wide stripes vertically. The designs or patterns that are vertical draw the eye up and down. Be noted about the width and height, making you look taller and thinner.

parecer delgada moda 2014 lucir elegantes  moda gorditas

Use a piece of two-color or light colored dress on top and darker color on the bottom, it will help you show off a slimmer figure.

Skirts should shelve

  • The skirts too tight.
  • The skirts that reach the middle of the leg, these skirts make it even shorter.
  • Forget the flared skirts or roundabouts, especially if you’re chubby and short.

I, I recommend you choose or select line skirts A. These always must reach the knees or maximum two inches below the knees.

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