Flower headbands for summer brides

There are many couples who decide to do want to be the summer and many brides looking surprised and love of your wedding day. Today I bring you all about the latest trend of summer, have you thought to bring a crown of flowers on a special day?

This summer the flower tiaras headdress become star for all brides, although they are also trend in addition to any look. However, since today the subject matter hereof is the look that Lucius on your wedding day, we focus on the hairstyle trends for such a special occasion.

hippie girlfriend

Although these floral headdresses are often associated with the hippy style of the 70s itself, fashion to decorate the head with flowers dates back many years ago. A trend again today to become an essential complement any summer wedding, evoking romance and freshness of all summer wedding.

bridal crown

Ideal for all summer weddings and especially for outdoor weddings, the crowns of flowers become the best adornment for our hair , so when we want to wear a simple hairstyle with loose hair or more sophisticated hairstyle, such as braids or collected ideal for glamorous weddings.

flower headband

Also, depending on our own style and the wedding, we opt for crowns of wildflowers to remind the beauty of the wild and most delicate flowers which give a subtle hint of sweetness to the bride and her look.

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