Elegant dresses: cocktail collection of St. Patrick

Marriage is about your sister, your cousin or your friend and do not know what to wear. Weddings are special occasions and women always want to look spectacular.

If you have a boyfriend and go with it is a very good opportunity for looking back to make him love divine, if not you remember that weddings can start amazing love stories. Perhaps you know your prince charming in this so you have to see regia. The collection of gowns from San Patrick are an excellent choice if you’re looking to dazzle everyone on this special night.

This fashion house offers several options to each of us to meet the needs of the modern woman to her personality and preference.

The body tight dresses that highlight the figures are preferred, dresses with mixed textures and fabrics varied in the same design are some of the characterizes of these models.

Overlapping layers in skirts are very much present, various necklines being asymmetrical and strapless accommodate preferred by most women.

The body shaping and accentuating the waist with ties to both thick and narrow with the same or different dress fabric for added texture enhancement used in these designs.

In the fabric story is the use of gauze and tulle, with slides and soft fall of fabrics one of the main features.

This collection not only has long dresses but it also presents models of type short cocktail but just as elegant and flattering to any figure.

In no story to a standard color but tend to emphasize the intense colors, turquoise, fuchsia, purple and red are some of the most popular. In addition to solid colors fabrics also present us with the same color design but quite striking.

Jeweled ornaments, emphasizing the waist and bust models highlight motifs in the asymmetric neckline, through flowers, rhinestones and small layers of tulle are one of the most striking and feminine details of this collection.

If you liked these designs elegant prom dresses, you can review all models by clicking here .

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