DressFasion:Winter In My Heart

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Jacket: Anthropologie Sweater: Vintage, London Fog Dress: Vintage Shoes: Frye
Although its been cold by most people’s standards, I found that its been warm enough to break my denim-cycle and where a dress for once.  I’ve also been back on the antique market tip, and have been loving the jewelry that I’ve been finding – how adorable is this little flower bracelet? Also, in the past few weeks, I’ve been uncovering some sweet ass vintage finds, like this London Fog cardigan.  Well, actually, my BF found this one, but I was so enamored that I took it upon myself to steal it from him for the day.
I hope you all had a fabulous Valentines day, mine was absolutely perfect, and although it’s a long story-which I will get around to telling you all when I have a bit more time- the short story is that the Kitty we have been taking care of for the past 6 months is officially ours!!!!!

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