Dresses with floral prints for a party of 15

Have a party of 15 in mid-spring? Did you begin to feel the heat and have a garden party? It is the perfect time to buy that floral dress that you like and make it the star of your look.

Trend: floral dresses and prints

Just a few months ago, wearing apparel fabric satin dresses for the guests to a party of 15 was the best option. Although it has not become very popular, more and more designers are betting on these styles and juvenile spring.

There are several good reasons to wear a floral dress : the one I consider most important is versatility (the ability to make designs play with accessoriesshoes and even with the makeup and hair.

You know what is right for you? Here I’ll tell you more …

Party of 15 day: spring dresses

  • Blues

Blue is elegant and cheerful. You can choose the cut that you like, balloon, as in the photo or fools who also is super trendy. Add a few accessories in silver and you’ll see amazing!

Cream cakes and flowers

If you have a dress anyway this is the cream-colored dress with floral tones ranging from light blue to pink. To combine a high heels, a handbag and a belt type braid fall.

What colors are combined? some gold and black contrasts are ideal.

Romantic floral dress

If you define a much more gentle and even childish, you can build your party outfit with a small floral print dress in pink. Looking for designs that have something flying in the lower as even give it a much more special.

Discreet and elegant

If you prefer to floral pattern in a less conspicuous there are designs in which you may think. Use a delicate dress with a nude color belt and of course a good pair of heels . You can review some ideas in this article about the nude color.

Casual dress party of 15

There are parties that are somewhat less conventional than average. They put aside the formality of super shiny dress and pastel colors and eliminates the detail of the ceremony. If the party you’re invited to have these conditions, I assure you one of these dresses will make you look great and well located on occasion.

Break the pattern and get ready to look elegant and different at your next party of 15!

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