Disney Wedding style: five magic ideas

If your dream was to get married at Disney World and you think you can not realize, here are 5 magical ideas to carry it out without having to travel to the United States of America:

1. Choose your dream wedding dress:

There are a variety of wedding dresses that can be viewed on the website of the princess style, which may be your inspiration.

The firm Alfred Angelo has an exclusive collection of wedding dresses of the princesses of Disney, which are characterized by very romantic models, tight waists and skirts embroidered with beads and with much tulle.

Here are some of your designs:

This wedding dress design d is the Princess Ariel, a mermaid appears not it, because that was his inspiration, has a beautiful bodice with draping and beaded, strapless neckline. The skirt needless to say, is beautiful, with pleated pants and trying to give the shape of the tail of the mermaid.

Wedding dress inspired by the Princess Bella, you see has a spectacular embroidered bodice, strapless neckline with drop sleeves, skirt with lots of very voluminous tulle.

Bridal Gown inspired by Cinderella Cinderella or princess, wearing a delicate sweetheart neckline with rhinestone applications, a crossover bodice and a tulle skirt. I love wearing the crown as the perfect wedding dress.

Wedding dress inspired by Snow White or Snow White’s, is a very beautiful dress as above, wearing a lace bodice with beaded flowers organza skirt with bright flowers scattered details. A satin sash mancando waist looks very elegant.

2. Choose the church or hall where you will conduct the religious or civil ceremony

Choose a magical place is difficult, but the decor can turn it into a memorable place. Notice how this room decorated with a carpet of flowers and a white with a message or name of the couple. In addition a ceramic studs with green branches.

Choose the church or special area for your wedding and looking for a supplier that gives you a different decoration that inspires you when you see a special love story that transports you to your dream, ask a lot of references and also look at the pictures of previous decor before hiring the provider of the decoration.

3. Choose the type or style of magical reception.

We found some videos with wonderful ideas that could apply to your reception hall, now clear, the issue is to be done on budget, but you can organize something very elegant and romantic.Remember the Disney style is like being inside a story where dreams come true.

The clear idea to decorate the wedding reception hall for your wedding is to achieve a warm, very color in case it’s a wedding day with elegance and sobriety for a wedding night.

Some environments that you have seen are overburdened, it is necessary to make them, the idea is to transform the classroom and feel you, as you always dreamed of.

Important, note that the decoration should not be putting on any picture of any person from Disney, because it would become a children’s party, which really would be very ugly and out of place.

4. The wedding cake with Disney characters

And the wedding cake, which is always in sight of the guests, and also is part of the tradition of the photograph taken the couple may not be better than being a representation of a Disney character, or maybe just place them Mickey Mouse ears, how sufficient proof that the couple love the world where dreams come true.

Here are some models of wedding cake :

From elaborate cake to cup cakes with the most iconic Disney. In the market you will find very good suppliers of wedding cake you can make something very nice. It is important to choose those with a high quality of drawing the characters, and that will be fatal badly drawn characters with another type of expression.
If you have a chance to purchase imported toys that may be of support would be ideal.

Because I love this cake is super colorful and only wear the ears as a representation of the subject.

Remember that design is important in addition to taste, is not worth a pretty model and a cake that is not palatable to the guests.

5. Wedding Memories

Finally, give some nice memories of Disney wedding motif are a good option, Alibaba have seen some memories that you can buy. So the guests were so excited to be fantastic and magical wedding.

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