Choose Your Spring/Summer Bridesmaid Dresses 2015

Generally, the bridesmaids are usually the friends or relatives of the bride and thereafter, are the center of attraction. The original purpose of the bridesmaids were dressed exactly like the bride in order to protect it. So the bride be confused with the bridesmaids and none could know who was the true bride and hurt her, kidnap or steal her dowry.Besides the bridesmaids were also there to confuse any evil spirit.

Often the task of choosing the costumes of his companions becomes a real “headache” for the bride. Dressing up a group of bridesmaids can be a challenge, when all have a form, complexion and different height. Due to the many questions I get from brides and bridesmaids or wedding, I leave a post I hope will serve to make it easier to choose.

On the hunt for spring summer bridesmaid dresses and not sure which color to select? Then we may just be able to help you! We’ve recently put together a list of the hottest colors to be worn for the next spring and summer seasons and there’s some serious beauties in there. We’ve managed to compile our list through the help of trend forecasting specialists Pantone and other online resources to give us this fabulous, lip smacking ten.

At the wedding, the bride wants to become the most beautiful woman in the world. However, he wants to be more beautiful than the bridesmaids. If you are a bridesmaid at a wedding, at the wedding of her best friend, wants to help you have a wonderful wedding over the world. For their own dresses are also very important in wedding. Here I will discuss something about the color of the dresses for bridesmaids 2015.

The light color like soft green is what I really like. Especially in wedding outside, soft green color can combine well with nature. And the smile on the face of ladies and has shown good girlfriend happy wedding.

But in some situation we also use black or blue for bridesmaids dresses color, which can highlight the white wedding dress. And the beautiful bride is more pure and beautiful world.

Look for colors like blue and purple, can also build a beautiful painting full of smile bridesmaids and her friend, the bride beautiful.

Classic Blue Bridesmaids:From pastel to navy to midnight, blue is the hot new hue for your maids. This one-shouldered Allure Bridal number doesn’t only get top points for being bang on trend in terms of colour, but it also picks up on another dreamy detail for next year – embellishments. So give your girls a little sparkle with a one-shoulder detail like this, or perhaps a sparkly brooch.Very similar to royal blue, classic blue is a traditional and widely popular choice for bridesmaids; it’s one that will forever be selected. See for yourself the reasons why!

Turquoise Bridesmaids – Traditionally a winner with bridesmaids, this color just continues to push itself to the forefront. It’s no wonder with its flattering yellowy tones; it’s a color to be worn by all. Depending on the style you want, why not try stark white bouquets, as it will really make the turquoise stand out.

Aquamarine Blue Bridesmaids: This cool aqua green and blue shade is a gorgeous color for summer venues and will match so many contrast options for bouquets and heels, so you don’t need to worry about getting things wrong.

Blush Pink Bridesmaids:Such an elegant shade of pink, blush is a serious contender for bridesmaids the world over. Will look amazing with ivory and tonal shades of pink to compliment the look.

What are the new trends in bridesmaid dresses?

  • Short, short, short. Soft styles are big trend.
  • Another comfortable trend and stressful phenomenon is what allows the bride to choose the color (and some different models) you want and ladies do the model they like and favor them. The color of unify all but each with his personality, choose the online bridesmaid dress you will feel more comfortable.This is the ideal mode as well all be happy. Yes, but let your hands in the decision model, oversees the designs are appropriate for the style of your wedding, it will help a lot to choose the same stylist or the same store to buy the dresses.

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