Children of honor for your bridal party


While the exchange of rings between the bride and groom can cause a wave of emotion more than one, when children walk to the altar to wear them is bound to bring smiles of tenderness, and more a laugh if you fall.Children’s clothes, the ones who are the focus of attention at the time of the ceremony, should then reflect the tone of scenery and atmosphere of the wedding.

The history of the parade
The tradition of the procession of children in marriage ceremonies appeared in the pagan civilizations and in ancient times, when the princesses were accompanied by a procession of young children. Legend says that thus, the devil and evil spirits could not recognize the marriage. In some countries, the custom required that a child sleep in the dormitory of the bride the night before the wedding, as a good omen for the male offspring. Today, the children of the procession , also known as children of honor, symbolizing purity and youth. According to tradition, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are part of the family married. However, children of close friends can also participate. They are responsible for rice or rose petals that will be thrown to the newlyweds after the ceremony as a symbol of fertility.

How to dress?
Everyone pays attention to children’s clothes. Therefore it is essential to get good advice regarding the choice of their clothes.

Ideas required: For girls, there’s nothing more feminine than a classic white dress, a dress usually accompanied by a colored belt, which is consistent with a ribbon they can wear in hair. For larger, we recommend clothes more flared. In contrast, for boys, shorts or pants will be very appropriate, although you can opt for a mini-tuxedos. It makes sense to give girls and groomsmen by means of an accessory: hat, bows, flowers, belts, etc..

As regards the length of the garment, it is best to half of the leg below the knee. Mothers generally prefer the clothes long enough to make it consistent with the length of the bride’s dress , but some experts recommend not to exceed the below the knee, so that the bride keeps the central role of ceremony with her long dress.

Colors: The ideal for these occasions is white, combined with touches of color, but also depends on the colors chosen for the overall decor of your wedding, and depending on the assigned topic. However there are certain colors that would not be wise to bring to a child of honor: the dark, all that is silver, gold, and impressions very obscure, are some examples. In addition, the white color is probably the most elegant, but it is none the less messy. You can literally choose to settle with your own place, in choosing their models with a dominant color, such as navy blue or red.

Where to find your outfits?
The shops specialize in child mode, such as Cyrillus , Vertbaudet , all the same or Sergeant Major , can help you find the holding of children’s procession. However, if your budget is more consistent, Pronuptia, Chic or Crinoline Ptits Tips can also be good options.

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