Today, sustainable fashion offers plenty of possibilities when choosing or combining a garment.There tissues “friendly nature” as Tencel (new material like silk which came out in 2012 and is achieved by cellulose from eucalyptus trees), linen or organic cotton. We also have the possibility to combine recycled or vintage clothing with newer ones or go for timeless pieces.

And if we have to choose to purchase at an establishment or another, why do not those who offer us eco fashion and not least the same economic or quality?

There are several indicators that report on the social and environmental impact caused by fashion companies to create various collections. Project Label reveals consumers on the top 10 in various categories, be it sportswear, casual or high fashion.
For example, globally, between companies that respect the environment we find firms as diverse as Patagonia, H & M or Puma.

If we focus on sportswear, stands third on Puma and New Balance’s room.While we have to move up to sixth and eighth place to find Nike and Adidas respectively.

Casual fashion, H & M takes the place of honor, Levi’s an honorable third place, while one of the most successful American companies, Abercrombie & Fitch , is in position eight.

Finally, at the expense of which can always be slight variations in the positions mentioned (I wish all companies had in mind the environmental factor!), The designers. Italy signature Gucci takes the cake occupying a creditable third place.

It’s all about style and awareness of sustainable thinking!

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