Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2014

D-Day approaches, our princess dress is chosen, our shoes are waiting quietly in their pretty box, invitations are parties but it still remains a small doubt a very important element: the hairstyle! Without nice hairstyle is no salvation! It must follow our natural elegance while enhancing our discreet style. The possibilities are vast and difficult choice.

I offer you a small overview of the trends in 2014 in order to choose one that will make your heart beat.

  • Romanticism

The romantic style is in the spotlight this allows to display a light and airy cut that will enhance your face by bringing a touch of sweetness. The crown of braids on long hair and medium or released while retaining chignon finely highlights your soft side and romantic.

The twisted chignon worn up or down or even on the side will perfectly complement a refined and delicate outfit. Rounded, sophisticated, interwoven ribbons or some white beads, it will be your best ally to complete your outfit princess.

  • Boho-chic

The Bohemian style in 2014 renews its place atop the podium. Updated with great fanfare in 2011 thanks to the wedding of Kate Moss and her bohemian chic look, he continues to frighten the fashion world. In a rural spirit, hairstyles are natural, unadorned and are biased accessories flowers. Free hair rippling cascades on your shoulders and decorated with a few flowers here and there will make you the most beautiful bride.

Blur chignon disheveled falsely which is added a flower barrette or a slight crown of small seasonal flowers is also a very acclaimed salon.

Crédit photo: Matias Rivara

Matias Rivara

Chignon flou

Bun blur

Braid remains emblematic of the trend, she dresses the face and gives it chic and harmony.Mat in all its forms can be tailored and structured: braid on the side, half braid, multi-braids and the famous braid épispour those who wish to add a folk touch.

Tresse bohème

Bohemian braid
  • Retro

This year will also mark the comeback of vintage or retro for the purists. Vintage effects series like Mad Men took to the podium and the wardrobes of fashionistas.

The banana Chignon very popular in the years 50/60 is now back on the front of the stage. We can add a tiara or strips strassed effect for even more ‘old school’.


Bun seen in the new Pronovias collection

Jacques Dessange

Jacques Dressage by Chignon

Toothed hair types ’20s comeback on the red carpet as in hair salons. This hairstyle structure loops in regular waves to Marilyn for a retro glamor unforgettable effect.

Chevelure crantée

Toothed hair

Roaring Twenties Fashion continues to dream: small matching hat with a veil lace example thus makes a very noticeable resurgence.



Also note, how Louise Brooks cut for a trendy short bob.

Short bob observed the parade Anna Sui

Jacques Dessange offers cutting way Louise Brooks

Vintage style showcases jewelry and accessories: the choice between combs, headbands, jewels, feathers, rhinestones, headbands. Your hair will be sublimated, the magnified hair.



Oscar de la Renta

Getting beauty of the bride by Oscar de la Renta

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