Beach Wedding – 4 Tips for Buying Bridesmaid Dress

Beach weddings often indicate an occasion that is less glamorous compared to the traditional weddings. This does not mean though that the bride and the bridesmaids need not get glammed up. They have to – just not over the top – because it wouldn’t look good in the laid back setting of the ocean behind them.

1. For beach wedding bridesmaid dresses, just make sure that the length of the gowns do not touch the sand. Ideally, the length is up to the calf. Bridesmaids must still look elegant but they should also be wearing dresses that allow them to easily walk on the beach.

These dresses can either be with sleeves or strapless but these should also match with the gown or the dress of the bride. Whatever style the bride’s beach wedding dress is, it should be complemented by the beach wedding bridesmaid dresses.

2. The bride’s beach wedding dress and the beach wedding bridesmaid dresses should also have matching hem lengths. For example, if the bride is wearing a gown that is of full length, then the bridesmaids should wear dresses or gowns of any length.

However, if the bride’s beach wedding dress is shorter than the traditional gown, then the beach wedding dresses must also be short.

3. If the beach wedding bridesmaid dresses are strapless or are backless, then the bride must order wraps for them. Remember that the weather on the beach is so unpredictable. There is a possibility that the wedding day may be windy or cloudy.

Therefore, when the bride is buying beach wedding bridesmaid dresses, she should also look for designs that already have matching wraps. If not, then she must go to bridal shop or a formal wear shop that sells these items. She just has to set the wraps and the beach wedding bridesmaid dresses side by side to check that these match.

4. Also note that it is hard to walk on the sand so there is no point to wear stocking and heels. Dressier dresses require strappy sandals with short heels. If it is a more casual design, then one can just opt for flip flops with stylish decorations. Go for a bare look.

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