Afternoon Wedding Reception Ideas in Winter

If you are scheduling your wedding on a winter afternoon, then there are certain things that can make it a success. The truth about a marriage is not only scheduling it, but how successfully you arrange it. However, some of the most important factors about a winter marriage are like time selection, venue management, decoration, foods and so on.

• A winter afternoon wedding can be a gorgeous way of celebration if you can choose the perfect time to arrange it. Most of the people prefer an winter afternoon wedding between 2 pm and 5 pm. What you need to consider is when the sun sets. Fix the time when you think would be better for the guests.

• Then appears the issue of choosing a venue. Choosing the right place to arrange the wedding is a real challenge. For a winter wedding, an indoor venue is more preferable. However, if your wedding is comparatively a smaller one, you can make it a familial one. In that case, you need to take care of decorating the house properly. But, for a larger wedding, you can rent a large hall or even a museum.

• Decorating the wedding hall is another important issue.  In order to make a floral decoration, you need to keep in mind that the flowers you choose comply with the outdoor weather. Winter generally reflects white snowy substances. So, for a floral wedding decoration, you need to choose whitish flowers with a few exceptions so that they make the wedding colorful. On the other hand, for a non-floral wedding, the best choice would be to apply some curtains of white or whitish colors.

• If the weather is very cold and snow falls outside the wedding place, then make sure that the windows are not curtained and the guests can have a look on the falling snow. It will certainly make the wedding a great one.

• Upon receiving the guests, serve some tea and coffee. It would be an excellent idea if you can add tea of different flavors like herbal tea, tulshi tea, green tea etc. And obviously, do not forget to add some coffee.

• Without the wedding cake, a wedding is incomplete. So, for a winter afternoon wedding, make sure to have some white cakes. If the wedding is a larger one, bring in some small white cakes instead of a big one. But, for a smaller and familial wedding, a small cake can be very enough.

Finally, there are some other innovative things that can play significant roles in making your wedding successful. So, do whatever it needs so that your wedding seems to be an elegant one.

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