I have seen the collection of accessories H & Mlaunched for Spring 2012 and only made ​​me look at the past. No, not that it has inspired a decade of the twentieth century, but that the firm has endeavored to innovate or to show something other than what can be seen in any store.

And there is no article that has me really excited to go shopping. The ethnic necklaces, with geometric or animal that simulate teeth, repeated over and over outfits that could sell any ‘perroflauta’ on the street. Same with the woven bracelets and colors that I’m tired of looking at the summer beach bars, or with fabric flowers for hair.

If there is something that seems ready to H & M is no risk. So his briefcase type bags (Doctor bag), a trend of all brands pulled strongly in 2012 , is the proposal for this season. The worst thing is that the tone may have female among so many straps and buckles, they take it off with a brown masculinizes it further.

For lovers of flats or ballerinas, like me, there are a variety of colors and patterns, but none that makes you feel the impulse to have them already. Did you see the sandals? Yes, very well for the season, but neither surprised nor in tone and design.

I think certainly the most unfortunate of accessories is the panther bracelet, a clear imitation of the animal that Cartier – yes, Cartier – plays on your jewelry.When a classic blatantly copied, rather than draw attention, it becomes a gross object.

Any recommendations? The point towards the slender belts that can be combined on blouses and pants to the waist and the rings of colors as a button, for those more casual and youthful looks.

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