8 tips for bridal makeup on top

The empire built by makeup artist Bobbi Brown enchants us: between his project for women without resources, courses in any stand up, this woman has more than one string to his bow!Can not deny it: we’re fans of its colors, textures, and especially of his stuff. That’s 8 of these tops tips for a perfect bridal makeup.

Bridal look achieved by Bobbi Brown for the 2012 season. Photo: Bobbi Brown

Bridal look achieved by Bobbi Brown for the 2012 season. Photo: Bobbi Brown

1. The flash of the photographer during the session wedding photo accentuates especially the pink tones most of the skin to avoid this, use a makeup base or yellow ocher.

2. Attach the makeup base and concealer, blush. This allows makeup to last longer and prevents highlights.

3. If you have opted for a wedding dress with a V-neck or shoulders uncovered (on this subject, do not miss the parade of strapless wedding dresses 2013 : a marvel), be sure to unifyand give radiance to your skin blush with a self-tanner.

4. Use two different colors: one natural, the other brighter. To apply correctly, smile face your mirror and start with the highest point of the cheek rebounded, following the line of the cheekbone.

5. Lipsticks and gloss transparent natural color or lose their effect on pictures: bet on a bright smile playing with a touch of bright pink or plum.

6. To ensure that the lipstick and gloss persist throughout the day, draw your lips carefully, make the outline with a pencil before applying lip color.

7. Choose a waterproof mascara that resists tears and a long eyeliner.

8. Once eye makeup finished, remember to give a note light on your eyebrows with a shade brighter than that used on the rest of the eye.

On the lookout for bridal makeup trends in 2013 ? And no make-up look, have you planned for your 2013 wedding makeup ? You question the fact or not to put your glasses on the wedding day ? Exchange your opinion on the wedding forum !

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