4 retro hairstyles for brides

The start of summer gives way to the retro styling, these well made ​​bows and braids that looked so good in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s return with force to accompany you on this important moment of your life: the wedding.

As expected this year further incorporates retro concept, this time coming hairstyles already wore for months back on the catwalks of Europe and now brides come to America to become the alternative to the more modern and elegant wedding .

Loose curls and feathered headdresses

The 70’s style is defined by change: picked over the hair loose bun with curls of different sizes.Give a super romantic touch to your look with a subtle wave combed from the middle of the head, add a feather headdress that you can send with applications development, size and even amount of feathers you want.

If you already have your stylist or you have an idea of how it will look, check out this video tutorial

The hair on the side (side part) will give you that touch more attractive and inviting to your held and no doubt will be perfect for a summer wedding on the beach or in an intimate ceremony at the club that you like.

Disheveled, tense, long … A large variety of braids!

And speaking of retro we can not let the braids out, this type of hairstyle such antiquity has no time when man has not made ​​use of it, either as a lump or survival or as an option to keep hair pickup.

Although the braid is an option from day to day for your wedding can enhance your image so amazing. Not only are simple, easy to make, but also keep hair neat and remaining tensions when dancing, posing for photos and even wear the dress.

Here’s a video with all that variety of braids of which I spoke above.


Queue: a classic

As you open yourself noticed, considered modern hairstyles tend to be more complicated and require hours of preparation at the salon. Designs before, as the queue, were much simpler and did not need to spend so much time at the hairdresser to get it.

If you have long hair and always looks very orderly queue takes as an option. I wear it more attractive is that you no longer have to worry about those naughty hair that sometimes slip in the photos.

The glossy effect with all the hair pulled into a ponytail finished high or low is very feminine and is perfect with a stylish look.

Marie Claire produces a video that explains in simple terms how to get a looped ponytail.


The love of bow Bagel

If you love how you look and feel really good idea to exploit all your features for this special day, the bun is the fourth Bagel retro styling of this list. Enhance your image with a very good make up and see how well they stay.

What’s behind this elegant hairstyle? In the following tutorial you will discover that it is and how you can make one of these gadgets. Choose the model you like best and start right now to plan your wedding hairstyle!

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