Tips for wearing a white dress

White summer dresses are simple and refreshing. Use either a white dress is a bit tricky, because it is a color that represents simplicity.Here I leave you some important tips on how to use either a white dress.

Choose a shade of white that harmonizes with your skin tone

All women can not use a pure radiant white tone, but luck they have is that there is a white tone for each type of complexion. A cool skin tones with splashes of pink and blue suits them very well harmonize with classic white and silver accessories.

A type skin tones with touches of reddish bronze or yellow, orange you really like the guy crude white tones, mainly when combined with gold accessories.Ivory tones skin type with red, or yellow tiles are more versatile and very well for them raw and white colors pure white, and also accessories gold and silver.

The (normal, dark or pale brown with hints of yellow or golden warm skin tones harmonize better with ivory or cream white type with silver or gold accessories. Olive skin tones with touches of yellow and pale green, without shades roses look great with white oil.

If you’re not sure you are what your skin tone, do not worry. What you have to do is put under a bright light, preferably outdoors, and compares your skin tone with a white sheet of paper.


Choose an opaque white dress and thick fabric

Most white cloth sometimes has the disadvantage of being transparent. When berries to buy your white dress, you have to look at how transparent it is. For that, you have to realize this:

  • Wear the dress with light
  • Place your hand behind the dress
  • Mia your hand and see that both shows through. If you see the shape and color of your hand, it is because the dress is very transparent and show everything that has underneath. You just have to buy this type of dress if you have the right underwear.

Choose quality fabric

It is more complicated than can be observed through a fabric quality. Most of the dresses have lining. To find a thicker fabric, you have to look blends of cotton, linen and some other synthetic fabrics.


Do not use tight white dresses

White is not very favorable when it sticks to your curves. Rather, you must choose a white dress that has a beautiful fall. The bank evokes freedom, summer and bisa, so you have to make sure your dress reflects this.

Used underwear the same color as your skin tone

Clothes white interior is very noticeable on the white cloth, so it is better not to use it. I recommend you use underwear that is skin color, that way you make sure that nothing sneaks glances and take the wrong area. Use bra, panties background color and skin.


Choose the right shoes to match a white dress

White is the color of simplicity and purity. If you want to highlight, you have to choose red heels. For many women this type of heels are greatly exaggerated and if you think so, then choose the following:

  • Coffee, camel, beige and light gray are perfect for combining
  • The silver, gold or bronze sandals harmonize well with white
  • White shoes or white sandals can create an overloaded effect.



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