Ideas to wear striped pattern in summer

Ideas to wear striped pattern in summer
We talked about summer trends, and immediately comes to mind a favorite of the summer prints: stripes!

A classic and basic print in any wardrobe that boasts both summer and winter. However, during the summer season, the stripes become the protagonists. Would you wear this pattern? Today we suggest some looks you’re sure to love.

Sailor Stripes

We usually associate stamping stripes nautical trends and classic styles summer. But do not forget that there is life beyond the maritime trends.

Ideas to wear striped pattern in summer

Full cColor

Dare to innovate and commitment to other colors. Rainbows in your closet! Besides the classic stripes, black and dark blue, you can give a very happy and fun touch to your wardrobe betting fluoro colors.

Vertical or Horizontal

Vertical or horizontal, do not forget that the arrangement of the stripes may help to stylize the silhouette or make you gain a few kilos more. The optical effect of this print can be amazing. Take advantage of it!

And when it comes to color, not limit ourselves only to a striped pattern in only two shades. Dare to mix different colors, combining wide and thick stripes, with more narrow.

Ideas to wear striped pattern in summer

The triumph of the White and Black

Are you passionate about fashion trends of the moment more? In that case, bet on black and white pair. The stripes on these two colors are a trend of success that prevails in all world. It is ideal for a sophisticated touch to any of your looks.

With jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, coats, accessories … Stripes takes many forms. Be inspired by the looks that accompany our article, and do not forget to give us your opinion.

What other ideas to wear this print recommend?

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