How to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune just for a mere gift, as the old saying goes ”it is the thought that counts”. It is always a great thing to opt for things that may not be that expensive but would certainly bring joy and amusement to your recipient. So, if you want to give thank you gifts to your wedding attendants but with a tight budget, worry no more because there are some tips and ideas to save money on wedding gifts.

Plan in advance and don’t wait for the last minute to arrive. This way, you will avoid yourself from hassle and it would be less expense that ensures a definite big dollar savings. The point here is if you don’t start planning early before your wedding, you will end up spending more. You could try shopping wedding gifts at bazaars, special sales, and out-of-town trips. These are affordable shopping options that gifts are usually at much lower prices than it would be sold at local shopping malls during holidays.

Your wedding attendants, such as your groomsmen and bridesmaids have most likely received different wedding gifts during past wedding they attended at. So to make sure you don’t give similar wedding gifts to them, you should make an inventory of all the possible gifts usually given to bridesmaids and groomsmen. One better way to make sure is to ask them directly what gifts they want on your wedding, that is if it is not a surprise gift. Otherwise, you may consider thinking other else that beyond generics. Another thing that makes your wedding gifts truly from you is to add your own touch on them. Get creative, you imagination is the limit.

Additionally, nothing could be more thoughtful than a gift that was specially made for your attendants. Personalized wedding presents are far better than commercialized items that can be easily bought in markets. In this way you will not only give a thoughtful present to your wedding attendants, but you also cut back a large amount from your wedding expenses.

Inexpensive wedding gifts for groomsmen include pocket knives, key rings, shot glasses, flasks, grooming kits, mugs and the likes, while inexpensive gift ideas for bridesmaids include tote bags, compact mirrors, cosmetics, picture frames etc. These items may look ordinary, but if you will customize them, they will surely make a hit on your wedding party. Consider including their name, initials or a even you personal message on each gift.

A wide variety of inexpensive wedding gifts are available online. There are so many online wedding stores that specializes different kinds of wedding accessories, from reception supplies, bridal accessories, wedding attendant gifts to wedding decorations that come in reasonable prices. So, if you opt for inexpensive wedding ideas, you don’t have to run into shopping malls or wait for items to be discounted as online gift items are always at less expensive prices than those at local retailers.

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